Yol Phokasub

Truly understand the needs of our customers to truly respond to individual requirements

Speaking about providing services to different customer segments, SCB Retail Banking Group Senior Executive Vice President Yol Phokasub disclosed that, "We have applied the segmentation strategy for taking care of our 13 million customers by dividing them into Private, Affluent, and Mass segments. The Bank also set forth its target to win the heart of all customer groups by designing products and services to suit their requirements.

In late 2012 the Bank introduced "SCB FIRST" to provide financial services call "SCB FIRST Privilege Banking" for its affluent group of customers with deposits or investments worth 10 million baht or more. The "SCB FIRST Privilege Banking" service also covers financial advisory and other privileges to respond to different lifestyles.

In early 2013 the Bank introduced "SCB Private Banking" for customers with 50 million baht worth of total assets with the Bank. The "SCB Private Banking" service provides personal financial and investment advice covering all aspects of financial requirements with more innovative approaches to manage wealth and exclusive lifestyle privileges.

Maintain long-term relationships and raise service standards with a team of financial experts

We established different approaches to maintain relationships with customers. We conducted surveys and studied databases to truly understand customer requirements. New services have been developed that place a priority on three major aspects: winning customers, product development, and tailor-made products to suit lifestyles at different life stages. The Bank has developed its branches and people, and introduced a "Total Solution" concept offering service alternatives for customers. Through these capabilities the Bank is able to integrate a full range of financial services, including loans, investments, and bancassurance available by SCB Financial Group companies, along with new service channels to provide investment solutions for our customers. In addition, the Bank also partners with world-class investment consulting firms to select investment assets from around the world. These efforts have been put together to ensure that customers will be impressed with our service innovations.