SCB Investment Symposium 2013

10 September 2013

SCB holds SCB Investment Symposium 2013: “Comprehensive Information to help you Master Investment”

To prepare its clients and interested investors for upcoming investment opportunities and challenges, Siam Commercial Bank has organized the SCB Investment Symposium 2013. Under the title “Comprehensive Information to help you Master Investment,” the symposium will feature the country's five leading financial and investment gurus, who will provide comprehensive investment knowledge and advice.

Picture 1 SCB Investment Symposium 2013

Commenting on the symposium, SCB First Executive Vice President and Head of the Wealth Division Mr. Smith Banomyong said: "The Thai economy in the fourth quarter of 2013 is expected to grow at a slower pace due to global economic volatility. The SCB Economic Intelligence Center projects that gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by only 2.2%, but overall the business sector will remain stable as leading companies still enjoy sound profitability and the global economic outlook is improving. This will provide a good opportunity for long-term investment in these companies, although some may prefer to keep a watch on investments for the moment."

Picture 2 SCB Investment Symposium 2013

"To give our clients and investors a proper understanding of how to monitor economic developments in order to optimally time their investments, we decided to organize a second SCB Investment Symposium this year titled 'Comprehensive Information to help you Master Investment'. The aim of the symposium is to keep investors abreast of the country's overall economic, fiscal, and monetary policies that need close watching, along with investment direction. It will enable them to make plans to manage their investment portfolios more efficiently," he said.

Picture 3 SCB Investment Symposium 2013

The SCB Investment Symposium will serve as a venue to let the country's leading economic, financial, and investment gurus share their investment knowledge and perspectives with participants. Participating will be:

  • Dr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas, Deputy Director-General of the Fiscal Policy Office, who will give a special lecture titled “The Thai Economic Direction”.
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand President Mr. Charamporn Jotikasthira, who will share his perspectives on “The Direction of Capital Markets, Stock Tips, and Thai Investment”.
  • Mr. Supachai Chearavanont, President and CEO of True Corporation, who will provide overall information on the telecommunications business amidst current economic conditions, along with his insights on possible impacts on the business, its attractiveness, direction, and future.
  • Mrs. Jotika Savanananda, President of SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd., who will give advice on efficient investment and how to invest for maximum gains.
  • Mr. Nattee Kosonpisit, Moderator and Anchorman, who will share his experience as a small investor on the topic of “Investor Perspectives, Worries about Investment in the Second Half, and Smart Investment Techniques.”

Picture 4 SCB Investment Symposium 2013

“The Bank hopes that those attending the symposium will receive useful information they can use to establish a strategy for managing their investment portfolios smartly and efficiently. We have always paid keen attention to our role as a financial and investment adviser, with our experts focusing on asset allocation and distribution in all investment categories, corresponding to the risks our customers are willing to accept. This is the key to enhancing client wealth through steady investment,” said Mr. Smith."

Picture 5 SCB Investment Symposium 2013